Meet Rafael Cervantes...

"Cervantes Engineering, Inc. is committed to providing you with the best Civil Engineering Consulting and Design Services.  We approach every project with a focus on value."

Rafael Cervantes

Rafael Cervantes began his career working for the City of Conroe as a Graduate Engineer, Designing and  Reviewing Plans throughout his career before launching his own company and now doing it all on his own. Rafael earned his B.S in Civil Engineering  from Texas A&M in 2003. He has worked for companies such as Bergman Engineering and Cleveland Surveying performing drainage designs and plat preparations and submittals. He has also gained experience working with Bleyl and Associates designing waste water treatment plants, lift stations, commercial site plans, sanitary, storm sewer, and water trunk lines, and detention ponds. His experience was also broadened by working for AW&D and designing subdivisions and land planning. All of this experience has made Rafael a well rounded Civil Engineer that can tackle any project and can provide the best in technology and design with a focus on value efficiency for the client.